Give the privacy policy a read if you'd like to know what data we keep and use. Spoilers it's as little as possible.

"Frequently" asked questions

Is it open source?

It is aye! cohan/imgy

Why do I need an account? This other site doesn't need an account?

I ran a public image hosting service before and while nothing bad came of it, it was always a source of anxiety that someone would use it to share horrible stuff.

I understand it's an extra step to using the site and I will look into making it a free for all easier to use thing later but let me get the basic stuff in like deleting/titles/etc first!

Can I delete images or albums?

Not right now. I know it's bizarre the feature doesn't exist but it's on the todo list!

Are my images private?

No! this service is for quickly uploading images to share with others. Albums should not be seen as private at this time (although again, it's on the todo list)

I don't mean there's a big open gallery anywhere nor do I plan on adding one, but if someone has the link they can see the pic!

Do you strip EXIF data from JPEG files?

Yes! Imgy uses any orientation data to rotate the image as required then discards all EXIF data.

Can I use this service to spread hatred?

Nope. No revenge anything, no doxxing. Nothing illegal in the UK, nothing illegal in the USA.

Can I host adult content here?

As long as you are or have permission from the person and people pictured in the content, and everything is legal in the UK and USA, go for it.

Are you going to dig through my images like some weirdo creep?

I'm not, no. But you should keep in mind that everything you upload should be considered public! That's just how the system works for now.

Can you delete my entire account? Or this album? Or just this one image?

Absolutely. As long as you can prove you have access to the account chuck me an email or ping me on Discord or something! Pro tip: Speed things up by emailing me from the address you registered with!

I'll make a button so you can do this yourself but there's a bunch of moving parts needed to make sure images actually get deleted, purged from caches, removed from backups, etc which is why that functionality is missing for the moment. On it!

Can you make a dark mode? My eyes are burning off

I know, I know! I want a dark mode too! It's on the list. I was aiming for shipped rather than finished!

Someone has used your service to upload my copyright. Who do I sue?

Chuck a standard DMCA message to [email protected] and I'll pass it on to the user.

I have further questions or something not mentioned here. Can I ask somehow?

Course! Email me at [email protected]!

How do you pronounce Imgy?

Turn img into an adjective and you've got it.

How is this funded? Are you going to put ads all over it?

I have no plans on introducing any ads. Definitely nothing that would track you. At worst I might pop a link to whatever my latest project is on the homepage.

I don't plan on crapping up the album pages in any way but ideally I don't go bankrupt running this. Nudge nudge, wink wink, poke poke. Have a look at my Twitch channel if you get a moment n'all. Nice one.